BalanceMayIssue2017 - 39


fill with sugar? Consider the activities
needing to rescue ourselves heroically
that make you feel content, balanced
from food villains. Keeping preoccupied
and whole. Try stimulating your senses
with food gives us the illusion of
with pleasurable moments: take time to
control: that if we eat the right things
absorb a beautiful vista, listen to sweet
we are 'good' and will be safe.
music, take in something that smells
Psychologists call this 'projecting our
delicious such as aromatherapy oils or
shadow': projecting our sense of the
make contact with people. A physical
harmful or destructive on to external
embrace spikes brain chemistry that
objects and demonising them. If we
leads to feeling fulfilled. Perhaps you
deal with our actual demons - such
haven't truly danced in years,
as fear, anger, loneliness and
sung in ages, or not
inadequacy - then we see
consumed art in the way
that the devil is not just
you would like to.
in our diets, it's part of
When you're seeking
Your pituitary gland can our human nature, and
sweetness, find it
we look to meet our
help to create blissful
thoughts. Inhale oils
where it really lies.
needs for sweetness
such as rose, geranium
and manage our
or orange. Or buy
discomfort in other ways.


a roller from

Whether it's fat, carbs, sugar
or something else, it seems
there is always a demon in our diets.
If we're not careful, this can amount
to a societal eating disorder, with us

The sugar detox
solutions really all add up to
a need to kick the unconscious
habit and replace it with a sense of what
we need, what we want and what makes
us feel like life is sweet enough already. B


Dos and don'ts of a sugar detox

New rewards

Find new ways to get your
dopamine release without
reaching for chocolate.
Reward yourself with a
good stretch, a walk around
the block or by calling
a friend for a quick chat.

Sweet sips

Tea blends including vanilla
or cinnamon have a sweet
taste. Try Pukka's Vanilla
Chai or Wild Apple &
Cinnamon. Also Celestial
Seasonings Bengal Spice
Tea is sweetly aromatic.

Prep ahead

On a Sunday, make a
shopping list for your week
of meals and prepare
sugar-free snacks to avoid
grabbing on the run.

No shame

Avoid spiralling into
a guilt-shame cycle
around food, so nothing
feels good. You're only
cutting out sugar.

Don't go back

This is not just about
stopping sugar, but starting
good things. Keep that in
mind so that you're not
tempted to return to
old habits.

Avoid stimulants

Get your energy from rest
rather than stimulants such
as sugar and coffee. Take
a 10-minute rest and close
your eyes or lay on the
floor, lift your legs and
bend them to rest on
the seat of a chair.

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