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Try this cold brew
recipe for a refreshing
take on our Mint
Matcha Green blend.
This energising Mint
Matcha Green cold
brew is an ideal
drink to enjoy on
warmer days, for
a revitalising and
invigorating lift.
Brew over-night for
optimum strength.
* 4 bags of Mint
Matcha Green tea
* 1 litre cold water
* Ice to serve
* A handful of fresh
spearmint leaves

1. Place four bags

of Mint Matcha
Green tea in a litre
of cold water.

2. Leave in the

fridge overnight
(with the tea bags
still in the water).

3. In the morning,

take the cold brew
out of the fridge and
remove the tea bags.

4. Add ice and

any other tasty
finishing touches
- we recommend
a handful of fresh
mint leaves with this
blend. Enjoy.

levels of
(the lightcapturing
in matcha
gives it its
vivid green

the soil, the plants, and the planet - because
we are all equally dependent on one
another for our health and happiness.
Organic standards also prohibit the
addition of unnatural flavourings which
means you only get the best of nature's
flavours and natural oils in your cup.
However, does it taste nice? Frankly, yes.
Matcha boasts a smooth and refreshing
taste, ideal for first thing in the morning,
for when you need an afternoon pick-me-

Pukka has
created a
bespoke range
of organic
and ethically
teas that
are blended
with natural
Here are three
ways to enjoy
matcha tea:

Get morning

Awaken to a new day
and feel revitalised
with Pukka's new
Clean Matcha Green
tea (£2.79). A blend
of organic green teas
and zesty lemon to
get you ready for the
day. It's blended with
matcha, dandelion,
turmeric, whole
lemon and nettle.

Wake up your

Some people drink
coffee before
a workout for a
caffeine kick. Pukka
Ginseng Matcha
Green tea (£2.79) is a
great alternative to
revive energy levels.
Blended with red
ginseng, lemongrass
and ginger for that
pre-workout prep.

Enjoy a minty

Pukka's Mint Matcha
Green tea (£2.79) is
a delicious blend
of organic sencha
and matcha
green teas with the
finest spearmint
and field-mint. It's
perfect for a tasty
refreshing nonalcoholic mojito
this summer.

May 2017 BALANCE

up or in the evening, thanks to the calming
qualities of L-Theanine (an amino acid
found exclusively in teas from camellia
sinensis). It can be enjoyed hot or cold - the
latter makes for a refreshing summer treat.

The secrets of matcha tea come from the
preparation. While it's made from the
same plant as other teas, the process is
markedly different.
Instead of the camellia leaves being
steamed, matcha is made only from the
fresh leaf tips. The new leaf shoots appear
until they are picked and the plants are
kept in the shade, which boosts the
content of chlorophyll and other nutrients.
Once the best leaves are picked, they are
steamed, air-dried, and ground into a fine
powder. Now you just need to discover
which is your favourite Pukka matcha tea.

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