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I always go for a morning run
with my local jogging group on
Wednesdays, but only after I've
fuelled up with fruit, yogurt,
and another fresh smoothie.
This midweek jog clears my
mind ahead of what is invariably
a hectic day at work.
I'm meeting friends for a drink
in central London tonight for a
much-anticipated break from
juggling job and mummy duties.
As well as catching up, few
sights are better than walking
across Waterloo Bridge at dusk.


An easier day in the office means
I still have the energy to bake buns
after work with my daughter's 'help'
- the spoons won't lick themselves.
Although this is a treat, I use honey
and scatter no added sugar chocolate
drops through the mix to lower the
sugar content.
The lip-smacking results show that
sweet foods aren't all bad for you!

My husband is a
comedian so has to
work most evenings,
meaning I'm used
to carrying out my
daughter's bedtime
routine solo.
However, at the
office today I'm
delighted by the
prospect of a rare
night where the
three of us are all
in together.
To make the most
of our family meal,
we cook a big pot of
chilli - it's fun and
easy, with minimal
washing up after, as
a huge bonus.
It's also packed
with organic carrots,
peppers and celery,
and scattered with
fresh coriander,
setting us up nicely
for a full weekend.



The Gills' weekend always starts with a pile of sugar-free
pancakes before we head to Hyde Park for a walk.
This week I include Pulsin Whey Protein Isolate in the
batter and whip up our delicious breakfast - topped
with bananas - in about 10 minutes. Our girl simply loves
pancakes and they seem to give her a burst of energy in
time for her afternoon Talking Tots communication class.

We handpick the benefits of some of the ingredients you'll find in the Pulsin range

Unfortunately I have to work
first thing, and a green
detox smoothie is a tasty
way to get nutrients during
a morning on the laptop.
I drop in a scoop of
Pulsin Soya Protein Powder
to boost my immune system
- but as it's unflavoured, it
doesn't affect the taste.
My husband takes over
the childcare while I work,
but in the afternoon we girls
play in the garden while he
digs up weeds and plants,
snacking on a Pulsin Super
Berry Brownie to keep going.
Bring on the new week!


A terrific all-rounder,
cacao is good for heart
health, energy and, thanks
to a high sulphur content,
it's beneficial for your
hair and nails.


These powerful little
berries keep both your
energy and mood up,
so they are ideal to
nibble on to combat a
mid-afternoon slump.


Research has shown
that maca root powder
can improve sex drive
and libido, so if your
relationship needs a little
nudge in that department...

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