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American psychologist
Herbert Freudenberger
coined the term 'burnout'
in 1974 to describe the
symptoms resulting from
chronic stress. Here are
tips to bring you back from
the brink:

You often feel sluggish and
demotivated, but that's OK,
there are things you can
do to help yourself.
When you wake up in the
morning full of vitality,
the world is at your feet. But
if you feel tired, run down,
overworked or underslept,
everything is more of a test.
The important thing is to
recognise that your body is
under too much stress, and it
needs a break. The good news is
that you can invigorate yourself

Congratulations. You are
the human version of a
Duracell bunny - fizzing
with good energy!
How great is it when you
leap out of bed in the morning
absolutely buzzing and ready to
take on the world? Energy is the
foundation for everything in
life. And you're feeling it
big time at the moment. The
exciting thing about living life


The average 'half-life' of
caffeine is six hours. That
means if you have a cup
of coffee at 4pm, at 10pm
half of it is still swilling
around your body. Don't
drink caffeine within six
hours of bedtime.




You do lots of the right
stuff, but there are a few
tweaks you could make to
boost your vitality levels.
Like many people, you
clearly have more oomph
on certain days than others.
Sometimes it's easy to sparkle,
and other times you just
struggle to drag yourself away
from your warm, cosy bed.
Guess what, there's a
simple way you can have
more of the good days, and
fire yourself up to new levels
of zest and enthusiasm.
That's where 'tracking and
hacking' your energy levels
comes into play.

Next step: By finding out
exactly what works for you
on a day-to-day basis, you
eliminate guesswork and start
to make permanent positive
adjustments to your schedule.
Keep a lifestyle diary by
using apps such as Sleep
Cycle, Health Mapper or
mySymptoms. These will
give you good feedback and,
importantly, data on exactly
what factors boost your
energy best, as well as giving
you a handy reference point
in future. This movement is
known as 'Quantified Self', and
there are some enlightened
discoveries being made.

with so much bounce is you
can start to fulfil your true
potential and highest purpose.
Next step: Did you know
Leonardo da Vinci excelled
not just as a painter, but
also as a sculptor, architect,
musician, scientist, engineer,
inventor, mathematician,
anatomist, geologist,
cartographer, botanist and
writer? Wow. Serious stamina.
It so happens you can
learn from da Vinci. He said

of geniuses: 'When they are
doing the least work, they are 
most active' - meaning the
true magic happens in the
quiet moments between the
busyness. With all this energy
you're feeling, see if you can
increase your meditative
moments. A surprising
number of the world's most
energetic high achievers have
some kind of meditation
practice, where they are still
and allow creativity to flow.

BALANCE May 2017

RELAX: Somewhere quiet
with no work stimuli.
REFLECT: Ask your
'unconscious mind' how
you could've been more
relaxed in the last day.
RECHARGE: Think about
three instances when you
can be more relaxed.



Tuck into more
avocados, olive oil,
and grass-fed cows'
butter. Ditch your
morning bowl of
sugary cereal for
eggs. Fresh vegetables
are key to energy
and wellness.



Be aware of everything
around you. Pick a day
when you're not working,
switch off all technology
and surround yourself
with nature.



Nothing else will leave
you as recharged. If you
need to, take natural
supplements such as
magnesium before bed.



Talk to loved ones about
how you feel and seek the
support of your GP or a
therapist if you need to. B


with some small changes.
Next step: Simplify your life.
The benefits of doing one
thing at a time are huge.
You may well be good at
eating your dinner, scrolling
through your emails, sending
WhatsApps and watching TV
all at the same time, but the
reality is it saps your energy
and over-stimulates your
nervous system. It can also
lead you down a dangerous
road towards adrenal fatigue.
If you did each of those things
individually, instead, you
would get more satisfaction,
improve productivity and
actually have more energy. Be
disciplined with yourself.




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