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'When I was bike racing, I loved
the training more than the racing itself.
I like the idea of doing something better than
the day before, such as lifting 2.5kg more
than previously. That sort of mindset makes
you feel good and you can translate
it into everyday life. Now, in the
equine world, each day is about
learning and improving.'



It's enjoyable
I'm not ashamed
to admit I'm a
fair-weather cyclist
and that's fine.
Getting on a bike is
supposed to be fun
out in the fresh
air. Don't make
it a chore - rather
something you look
forward to doing.

A bit about me

I've ridden a bike for as long as I
can remember and was fortunate
to have a long career on two wheels,
including two Olympic golds and
nine world titles. I retired after
London 2012 and have since
switched two wheels for four legs
as an aspiring amateur jockey.


Just say 'yes'
After retiring from professional
cycling, I quickly found things
to fill the void but it took a
while to work out what day-today life should really be like. I
initially had no idea how life
off the bike would feel. Since
retiring, I've adopted a mindset
of 'why not', hence the horse
racing, surfing lessons, launching
my own bike range with Halfords
and learning to ride a motorcycle.
It's taken multi-tasking to a whole
new level.

Find a routine

When I was racing, I was a stickler
for a routine. Now it's the same with
what I'm doing every day, around
the horses in particular. It gives me
a great sense of purpose and helps
get everything done on time. It's
something to get out of bed for


The Olympic gold
now enjoys horse


- and that is how I felt when I was
a professional athlete, training for
competitions such as the Olympics
and Commonwealth Games.

G et busier

We all have busy lives and there
are some manic times, but the best
way to multi-task is to grab every
opportunity. Right now in my life,
I'm trying to do as many things as
possible. I'm always looking to add
more activities - polo might be next
or jumping out of a plane. I've also
just started surfing and got up on
the board first time! In short, 2017
is the year of just doing stuff, and
that'll require some multi-tasking.

BALANCE June 2017

Part of a
healthy lifestyle
Even a gentle bike
ride can have health
benefits. As well as
making you active
and getting your
heart going, it's
great mentally as
it can be relaxing
being out and
embracing your
surroundings. It
provides space
for your mind.

The Pendleton Electric
Somerby is available
now in Halfords,
priced at £750

Take it easy
It's not about
thrashing around
in training but doing
something at your
own pace. For me,
riding a bike is
now just pottering
around, getting my
bum on the saddle
and enjoying it.

the outcome

'You only live once and life is short, so be sure to
make the most of every opportunity that you have.
Build up your confidence in anything you take on.
If you're comfortable with something, you're
going to embrace it more, rather than
be overwhelmed.' B




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