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Stuck in a rendezvous rut? Fear not, Balance
aims to change your dating patterns for good...

Nana Wereko-Brobby
runs dating events
club Social Concierge
for people who prefer
to date offline...

7pm-late, No.11
Pimlico Road

My first
impressions of Davina
were great - she looked stunning. It
made me think that my casual shirt
choice was a poor one! 
The conversation flowed immediately
and we soon realised that both of us
shared a somewhat unnerving love
of Martinis. Another commonality
was of our upbringings in medical
households. Neither of us followed
in the family footsteps to become
medics, breaking convention to do
our own things. This is when I became
fascinated by her career as a worldleading classical Baroque violinist.
I could have listened to her regale
stories of her travels and expertise for
hours. Which, in fact, we did without
realising it... We laughed a lot, too.

Wednesday, 9pm, West London

What Thomas wants isn't purely
to settle down but, as he puts it,
find his 'long-term Mrs'. There
is a lack of stability with how his
life is structured, which means
six months can go by without
even thinking about romance.
As a man of incredible drive
and passion - he also ran a
start-up TV channel - when
Thomas does date, he does it with
gusto. He isn't a commitment
phobe per se - his previous
relationships lasted 2.5
years and a year - but
my impression is that
An incredibly hard-working
it takes a lot to sustain
entrepreneur, Thomas, like a lot of
Londoners, tends to date in ebbs and
his interest, especially
flows. His forays back into dating come
when grappling with
just at the point of launching his digital
his other love, business.
health tech start-up, Bodyfanatix. So
An ideal partner
one of the biggest challenges here is
will need reserves of
finding a match who will maintain
strength to cope with
his enthusiasm while he juggles
the ups and downs
the demands of an early
of this entrepreneur and,
stage business.
in turn, keep him on his
toes with their own pursuits.
Matching him with someone with
a slightly atypical career would
work well. A woman willing to
be non-prescriptive about where
they live, love and take their work
over the years would be a start.

Thomas says:
Davina says:
I normally go for
My first
brunette, olive
impression of
skinned, work
Tom was that he
hard/play hard
was charming,
party girls, so
interesting and
Davina was not
my stereotypical
Blind dates
type. However,
aren't usually
she was super
my style
fun, easy going,
but Tom
and excellent
made me feel at
ease. I would say company.  I will
absolutely ask
'yes' to another
her out again.
date if he asked.


Davina, 30, is a classical violinist from London.
After a long-term relationship of seven
years, she saw someone for two years but
has since been dating, like Thomas, in
bursts. She's partly cautious and partly
preoccupied by a job that takes her
all around the world. Whether
performing in the Palace of
Versailles or at the Royal Albert
Hall, her schedule means dates
are hard to fit in. She is pragmatic
but gives a devil-may-care vibe to
men. Ultimately, she is looking for
a guy who is as passionate about
life as she is.

Nana says... What's tricky with two
people who do interesting things is
establishing whether it means just
one date of great conversation, or if
something deeper is established. I'd
love to get them on at least two more
Martini tours of London and see if
there's another aspect they spark on.

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