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mind your body

1. If I experience a new pain in
my body, I tend to:
A Just plough on, until I invariably
end up bed-ridden.
B Pop a couple of paracetamols and
cross those fingers.
C Ascertain what's wrong and get
appropriate treatment promptly.
D Decamp to bed immediately and

I have a daily routine that consists
of exercise, good nutrition, quality
sleep, meditation and down time.
D Complex. I have a lot of dietary
requirements and allergies, which
can make life challenging.

send for a doctor.

Self-medicate, either through
alcohol or sleeping pills.
B Push through - it's normal to
feel stressed from work.
C Listen to what my body's trying to
say and get the necessary support
to restore my wellbeing.
D Panic and find myself frozen
with anxiety.

2. When it comes to following
my gut instinct:
A I often go against my gut, even
when I know something is wrong.
B I rarely listen to it - otherwise I'd
never get anything done.
C When something isn't right, I sense
it and notice sensations in my body.
D Before I do anything, I pretty
much consult a psychic.


Balance asked Londoners
about their connection
with their bodies


5. If I find myself feeling tired,
depressed or burnt out, I will:

3. My physical pace is generally:
A Clunky, awkward and I'm rather
B Fast, and my body is tense.
C I make time for quiet reflection
daily, even if it's just for five minutes.
D I often need long naps during
the day.

6. In terms of my mind-body
connection, I would say:
A They are totally disconnected.
I lead with my head.
B The occasional trip to the gym
or early night seems to keep my
mind and health ticking over.
C I believe my body is often trying to
communicate with me and I'm very
in touch with my emotions and
physical sensations.

4. My self-care routine is:
A Non-existent. I'm good at looking
after others - not so much myself.
B Minimal - perhaps a bit of fresh
air at lunchtime. I only tend to my
health when I have to.

Mind and body
must be in perfect
at all times, or
else a week
off work

Rachel Anyika, 29, paralegal says:
'I try to make adjustments for my
body. If I'm tired, I cancel plans or
miss the gym for a night. As I've got
older, I've realised you need to look
after yourself. It's no good killing
yourself trying to do everything.'

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Lotje Sodderland, 40,
filmmaker: 'Meditation
helps me to sense what
my body needs. I had a
brain haemorrhage and
it changed everything
- I look after myself now.
But I still sometimes put
others before myself
because I don't like
letting people down.'

Beth Allan, 25, film
colourist: 'It's always good
to give yourself time to get
better - you have to try to
nip illness in the bud.
I'm narcoleptic so I have
to sleep more. It's not a
choice - you have to listen
to your body.'
Andrea Alberg, 20, works
in fashion retail: 'My job is
busy so I have to just push
through, but I eat lots of
nutritious snacks. I don't go
to bed too late but I don't
really get enough sleep - I
drink five cups of coffee a
day to keep me going.'

Ashden Oke, 25, actor/
musician: 'I tend to my
needs straight away. If I'm
hungry, I eat. If I'm tired, I
sleep. I don't drink caffeine
so I get rest when I need it.
But it has to be a balance
- if other people need me,
I'll often put them first.'
Lloyd Wahed, 34, MD
of the Host app: 'It's a
balance. If I'm tired, I
try to rest, but if it's not
possible I drink caffeine.
For instance, I'm going
out for dinner with
friends tonight. I'm tired
and I'd rather not go
but it's a commitment.'

Vlardyslav Voronion, 30,
works in retail: 'I try to
listen to my body when
I feel unwell or tired, but it
all depends on the
situation. If I can sleep
more, then I will; if I can't,
then I don't. If I'm so ill I
have to rest, I'll rest.'



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