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We pause Good News for one issue - instead, James Gill rounds up
a sobering, poignant and emotional month for England's capital



In the wake of the Grenfell
Tower tragedy, there has
been a solemn realisation
that Britain has a long way to
go when it comes to equality.
One person eager to help
is Adele, who urged fans
during her Wembley concerts
to donate to the cause. We're
not saying anything 'good'
can come from Grenfell, but
the response from the public
- with Adele every inch a
woman of the people - has
been inspiring.
'It's our job as human
beings to be compassionate,'
she told 98,000 people on the
first of what turned out to be
two sell-out nights. Some
may be upset with her for
cancelling the other two
shows with damaged vocal
cords, but we're still big fans.

Social media continues
to show its compassionate
side in the wake of a truly
testing few weeks.
Donations, the offer of
places to stay from strangers,
taxi firms offering free lifts
and more - it's all been done
to help people in need. Take
the Royal Oak pub, which
sheltered 150 people when a
nearby hotel was evacuated
during the Borough Market
incident. Social media also
helped reassure loved ones
that missing people were OK.
Yes, it can be toxic, but
social media is also capable
of providing a genuine
sense of community in the
digital age: a rich mix of
people from all faiths and
none, have come together
to express love, gratitude
and togetherness.




The mind-bogglingly
brave antics of Roy Larner
have rightly been welldocumented. Roy is the
47-year-old Millwall
supporter, who took on all
three attackers during the
Borough Market incident
last month, and shouted:
'F*** you, I'm Millwall'.
So impressed was one
brewery with the Lions fan
that it launched its own F***
You, I'm Millwall beer. 'We
salute him and have made
a special edition of our bitter
in his honour. A portion of the
proceeds will be donated
to the fund started in his
name,' said a spokesperson
for Swedish brewery
Frequency Beer Works.
Regardless of Roy's tipple
of choice, should you happen
to meet him, be sure to buy
that man a drink.

BALANCE July 2017

'The most important thing is
we got £150,000 for those in
need.' So said comedian
Seann Walsh, who was just
one of the stellar names who
helped raise the impressive
sum for Grenfell at an
Eventim Apollo gig late last
month organised by comedy
agency Off The Kerb. 'I'm
honoured to have been part
of a group of misfits who told
jokes to help,' he added.
Katherine Ryan, Micky
Flanagan and Michael
McIntyre also featured.
Musicians have followed
suit, with Simon Cowell
aligning the stars for a cover
of Bridge Over Troubled
Water, which sold 120,000
units on its day of release.
Robbie Williams, Liam Payne
and Stormzy all feature.




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