BalanceJulyIssue17 - 5

Editor Sophie Scott


Deputy Editor James Gill


Chief Sub-Editor David Crozier

I don't know about you, but I've slept
through periods of my life. Not in bed.
No, sleepwalking through daily
existence. Occasionally I still find
myself going into autopilot - arriving
at work with no recollection of my journey, having the same idle chat,
even with those I love the most, and getting through the day as if it's
just one big checklist. The saying 'familiarity breeds contempt' may
be a cliché, yet it rings true... But should it?
When your eyes (and ears) are fully open and you're not snoozing
your way through life, you discover magic resides even in the most
ordinary of places - the way the morning light hits the city, an
unexpected conversation with a stranger, or just witnessing people
being kind to one another. Everywhere.
This month's cover star has maintained his zest and youthful passion
for life. Richard Branson is a man who refuses to accept things as they
are and continually strives to reinvent the world.
Each day offers a new opportunity for change... Take yours.
PS. We're taking a break in August to rebalance. See you in September.

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Sophie Scott


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Dr Sara Celik
Renew Life expert

Chris Harvey
Coach and causes

Sandie Jones
Branson interrogator

James Daw
Artist with attitude

Lizzie Pook
Travel writer

A naturopathic
doctor with a clinical
focus on digestive
health, Dr Sara is
a sought-after
speaker and expert
in gut health.

Christopher is the
founder of Harvey
Sinclair, an executive
coaching consultancy
that specialises in
'burn out' and the way
we address mental
health in the City.

As a celeb interviewer
for 20-plus years,
Sandie has now written
her first book, finished
on a double-decker
bus in Regent Street.
Seems, with a will, you
can write anywhere!

James is an illustrator
and designer, who
experiments in colour,
texture and collage to
conjure up quirky and
vibrant stories. His work
has been seen at the
RA Summer Exhibition.

A hugely successful
travel and features
journalist, Lizzie
writes for a string
of newspapers and
magazines, covering
everything from
menus to wildlife.

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