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Are animals being treated well? What is the
impact of farming for climate change? The
food industry has never been under more
pressure from consumers to improve and
innovate. One company which is already
way ahead is innocent smoothies. Its slogan,
'Tastes good, does good', sums up their ethos:
buying a smoothie is beneficial not only for
you, but for others. The company gives 10%
of its profits to charity, its Big Knit campaign
(the cute hats? You know the ones) gives 25p
from every sale straight to Age UK and it won

too. From sourcing 100% organic to reducing
its carbon footprint, ethics is at the 'very
heart' of the company, says co-founder Tim
Westwell - indeed, 1% of its annual turnover
goes to environmental causes.
'Pukka is about people, plants and the
planet,' Tim explains. 'We are committed
to sustainable, ethical practices in
everything we do. It isn't simply about the
money - the profit we make goes towards
implementing changes in the world.'
It's even got its eyes on the NHS. 'The

the Sustainable Business Award last year
for its work with Spanish farmers in South
America to reduce water use by up to 40%.
In a similar vein, Pukka, purveyor of highquality organic tea and supplements, uses
its product to make the world a better place

health service is crumbling around us at the
moment,' he explains. 'Our head of herbal,
Ewan, lives in London and works in a GP
practice two days a week and doctors are
sending people to him. Maybe you don't
always need to take antibiotics?'



Last month the UK set a new record in
renewable energy: solar, wind, and nuclear
power each supplied more electricity than
coal and gas combined. This might not
mean much to you or I, but with Donald
Trump backing out of climate change
commitments faster than you can say
'covfefe', it's a (good) sign of things to come.

Co-op Bank has always been seen as a more principled alternative to other
'big four' banks. Its ethical policy prevents the business from investing in
arms, fossil fuel extraction and animal testing. But while it may be the most
well-known name in this field, it's certainly not the only one.
Back in April, Dutch bank Triodos, which bills itself as 'Europe's leading
sustainable bank', launched its first current account in the UK (they've
offered ISAs and investments for more than 20 years). It only lends money
to organisations and projects 'making a positive difference to society'.
On the savings front, positive options include Charity Bank and
Ecology Building Society. To find out more, check out action group Ethical
Consumer, which rates companies based on their record in key areas, such
as the environment, human rights and the arms trade.

July 2017 BALANCE

Although the Big Six (EDF, British Gas,
SSE, ScottishPower, E.ON and Npower)
still supply about 85% of customers, the
number of small companies has exploded.
Ecotricity (Britain's first green electricity
company) and Good Energy have the best
tariffs. For socially ethical companies, try
Ebico, which charges all customers the
same price regardless of how they pay, so
doesn't penalise the poor.



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