BalanceJulyIssue17 - 15

Bursting with
fruit for a hot
summer's day

The reasons we love
the fruits that star in
innocent bubbles

The winning combination
of orange and lime makes
for a thirst-quenching
treat on a baking hot
summer day. Oranges
are especially rich in
vitamin C, ideal for
anyone trying to combat
the summer sneezes.

balance. In short: eat a bit of what you fancy
and make space for some good stuff too.
If there was ever a time to start enjoying
all the wonderfulness that each and every
ingredient can bring to our bodies, it's now,
when alfresco dining is doable from the
comfort of your own garden or park bench.
Who wants to go dairy free when ice cream
on a summer's day brings huge pleasure?
No one makes friends with salad, so
forget the carb-dodging and dish up an easy
pasta dish, kissed with fresh basil pesto for
your lucky pals. After all, a healthy diet is
not only about recognising the important
role of all food groups, but it requires a
healthy mindset too, and balancing it all
with getting outdoors and having some fun.

Imagine you've finally managed to spark up
the barbecue; the jams are pumping at a
neighbour-friendly volume and your sage and
onion sausages are seconds away from being

As well as a lipsmacking tart summer
tang, these citrus
classics are packed
with vitamin C and
possess antioxidant
qualities. Both
also contain the

'An apple a day keeps
the doctor away' used to
be considered a myth,
yet the benefits are
plentiful. They contain
vitamins C and A, as well
as potassium, which may
be good for heart health.
Strawberries, meanwhile,
are packed with folate,
potassium, manganese
and more.

July 2017 BALANCE

The fizz that
does the biz

perfectly charred. What are you going to
wash it all down with? This summer we'll be
sliding innocent bubbles into our picnic
baskets and barbecue hampers, and guzzling
down this seriously good sparkling drink.
Over the years, we've come to love
innocent because, like us, they know that
wellbeing is a mixture of simple little things.
It's why innocent's tasty drinks are made with
only pure fruit (and sometimes a bit of veg,
too) and count as one of your five a day.
These innocent bubbles are no different. A
refreshing blend of lightly sparkling water and
pure fruit juice and, well, that's about it. The
new recipes are pretty special - perfect for a
lunchtime break or, dare we say, mixing with
something a little stronger to soak up in
the sun. Think Lemon & Lime for those who
prefer a bit of zing, Orange & Lime for a
citrus kick and, if berries are more your thing,
give the delicious Apple & Berry a try.
And you can sip easy, knowing you're
getting a helping of the good, additive-free
stuff and the refreshing
recipes are less than
100 calories a pop.
Available in recyclable 330ml cans,
innocent bubbles can be found in all good
supermarkets (RRP £1.29).

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