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I do lifestyle.' To encourage her family to follow
suit, Zoe has been getting busy with a bread maker,
a Christmas present from Marco.
'I love it,' she smiles. 'I want to master making
delicious bread that's gluten free because I'm
raising kids and kids need sandwiches, and my
husband is Italian and likes to eat pizza. This is my
lifestyle, our lifestyle, and I'm going to find ways to
make it fun,' she says.
Her drive is admirable, but Zoe is a typical Gemini:
'I live my life, I do what I feel like,' she says, which
explains why, unlike so many celebrities, she's not
a slave to the gym. 'I enjoy staying active but I don't
work out Monday-Friday. It's important that the body
always gets some kind of exercise, but I don't need
to work out to stay sane.'



of the big

AVATAR, 2009

The box-office
smash that catapulted
Zoe to global fame.
Her charisma is
palpable as fearless
warrior Neytiri.


Given the traumatic nature of Zoe's childhood
- losing her father so tragically; her struggles in

right. It's also the kind of information you put
into your mind, your heart, your spirit.'
In return, Zoe is guiding Marco towards
choosing a more nutritious diet. 'He's very Italian,
so he likes to eat in a very beautiful way. It's
always beautiful and never healthy!' she laughs.
Zoe developed a genetic autoimmune disease
called Hashimoto's thyroiditis when she was
little, and so eats no gluten or sugar, which she
warns are so 'harmful' to her they can cause
'emotional dysfunction'.
'Things that have a lot of preservatives and
chemicals would make me feel unwell, so I got
used to listening to my body a lot. I believe that
what I eat is better medicine than anything that can
be prescribed. I'm not a cheater. I don't eat healthy
from Monday to Friday then go crazy at the
weekend. What good does that do? I don't do diets,

school in the Dominican Republic, before returning
to New York at 15 - it's no surprise to hear that Zoe's
had regular therapy over the years.
'Therapy? F***, yes,' she says. 'Whenever I've found
myself in a rut, and tried bouncing ideas off people
close to me, and nobody gave me a good reference for
what I should be doing, the best thing was to call my
therapist. Seeking someone that is a professional is
much better than venting with a friend who's probably
going to misguide you, or a mother who'll always be
biased because she loves you. Besides, in life if we're
not growing, we're dying.'
There is an enviable harmony about Zoe's
approach to life, so was her most recent choice of
baby name, Zen, a nod to her calm state of mind?
'We're always aiming to live a life in a very zen
state,' she smiles. 'We chose the name while brushing
our teeth. That's how we choose all our names!'
As for what's next, film fans will be thrilled to
know there's more to come from Gamora and the
gang, with the much-loved Guardians joining
forces with other Marvel superheroes for Avengers:
Infinity War, out in 2018. And Zoe teases: 'So far,
because it's such a huge cast and the plots are so big
and dense, I don't think that a lot of characters are
going to get the opportunity to meet.
'I just appreciate the fact that I was working with
the Guardians. That's as much as I can say!'
And what about future movies? Surely that's
easy, especially when there are rumoured plans in
motion for a fourth Star Trek? 'Nobody's called me.
I hope they do!' she hoots, diligently holding any
secret plans close to her chest. Where's that famously
outspoken Zoe, when you need her? B
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is in cinemas
nationwide from 28 April.

April 2017 BALAN CE


Another franchise hit,
Zoe has chalked up
three appearances
(and counting) as
whip-smart Uhura.
She imbues the
role with quiet


One of the truly great
superhero films, with
a sequel on the way,
Zoe kicks serious
backside (repeatedly)
as assassin Gamora.

NINA, 2016

Further proof that
Zoe is one of the most
versatile actresses
working today, she
is on sparkling and
heartbreaking form as
legendary soul singer
Nina Simone.


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